An Ode to the Rejected

There goes another beautiful dame,
Who rejects me due to my lack of game,
Abandoning me, I drown in shame,
One after another-it’s all the same,
Is it possible my genes are to blame?
My features diminish - I’m feeling plain,
No amount of food can freeze the pain,
If I don’t get laid soon, I’ll go insane!

Yet, it’s possible I have this all wrong…

Maybe there’s no need to go insane.
Could my be skewed by pain?
For perhaps it’s her that is feeling plain.
And seeing as she has no one to blame
For always dressing and thinking the same,
Filling her to the brim with unshakable shame,
Leading her to play “hard to get” games,
Making her just another beautiful dame.

Rafi AbramowitzComment