Truth of a Cause

step 1 — the midtown international theatre festival

The fist version of “Truth of a Cause” was a 60 minute comedy I wrote and produced at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in 2016. Back then, the play was about a college baseball player deciding between his career and caring for his anxious twin.

step 2 — living room workshops

I’m currently working on adapting the original story to focus on the struggles of an Orthodox Jewish girl’s desire to audition for “Spring Awakening”. I’m beginning a bi-monthly reading/workshop in my living room where YOU can come read new pages with me and share your opinions. There may be actors, producers, or composers present, or it may be just me and some friends. Either way, they’ll be food to nosh on and drinks to ensure that we’ll have a really good time.

step 3 — Whatever shall happen, will

Once the script is complete, who knows where the journey will lead? But whichever path it leads me down, I want you to be there with me. To participate, to discuss, to experience theatre as a community.

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