Truth of a Cause

A sixty-minute comedy in two acts

Synopsis: A depressed freshman struggles to keep up with the stresses of college life.

Background: This was the first play I ever wrote, and I wrote it to deal with the pain of losing a friend to depression. He was a friend from high school, and then thereafter a friend from college. We lived a few doors down from each other. By the following year, he was dead and I didn’t understand it, nor did I understand how to deal with the loss. So I turned to theatre. I personified my waging emotions as twins and set them on stage to heal. I used comedy to soften the subject, and submitted it after a year. Thankfully, it was produced by the Midtown International Theatre Festival, and ran for three sold-out performances. I also had the privilege of working with my brothers, Gadi Rubin and Zack Abramowitz, who co-directed the play.

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