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When Rafi sits down at a desk to write, God himself watches. Not because Rafi's particularly good at it, but because God sees and knows all. Like Santa, except God won't break into your house. Unless your first born son is pissing him off. That's why Rafi chooses to be a virgin. It's that sort of charitable mindset that helped Forbes almost choose Rafi to be on one of their lists. Not sure which one, but it doesn't matter. Artists aren't supposed to be recognized for their genius. That wouldn't be true art. Take Van Gogh for example. No one appreciated his talent for portraying depressed people eating soup until he cut off his own ear and died. Yet the museum in Amsterdam chose not to mention anything about that. Maybe it didn't happen? Who knows? God, that's who. He knows everything. (That's called a callback, one of the many things Rafi knows about comedy.) 

Rafi's first play, Truth of a Cause, premiered at the Midtown International Theatre Festival in July of 2016. It's a dramedy that deals with mental health, love, and loss in college. It was directed by his two brothers,
 Gadi Rubin and Zack Abramowitz. For more info visit the PLAYS tab under the SECULAR dropdown. 

His next big project was Uncle Oscar: The Rise and Fall and Rise Again of Lyle Capricorn, a webseries he co-wrote with his brothers. For more info, visit the WEBSERIES tab. 

Currently, Rafi is working on a novel. That's right, a full length book. With lots of words and sentences and kickass prose that will leave you being like "That's it?" Or maybe you'll like it. Who am I to say? Not God. (That's called beating a dead horse. Don't do it.)

I also write random stuff and make funny videos, which can be found under the remaining tabs of the SECULAR dropdown. 

Are you Jewish? Do you know a Jew? Like Jewish things that don't involve Madoff and the Holocaust? Then the JEWISH tab's for you. I think you should especially read my Shidduch Resume (shidduch is Yidish for a prearranged marriage. Or maybe it's Hebrew. Don't email me the answer - I like the suspense), and The Rafshi, my Rabbinical alter-ego.  

I think that sums it up. Enjoy, like me on social media thingies, and hang tight for my info! 

Rafi is a proud member of The Writer's Room.